RAELAND AND IAN originally met over a decade ago through a shared love for product and sub-culture. They are multi-hyphenates with shared backgrounds in design, textiles, marketing and retail. 

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Creative Director
Designer, Brand + Marketing Consultant

Coming from a lineage of immigrant textile artisans, he has lived in the world of fashion since birth. This was honed studying textiles and marketing in university, with his early career leading him to work on product with Canadian west coast staple brands CYC Design Corporation (Reigning Champ, wings + horns), and Kit and Ace while living in Vancouver.

Spurred by the idleness of his suburban roots in Edmonton contrasted with the childhood experiences of growing up in Toronto, he seeks to bring his communities with him in every new endeavour.

Now working alongside a creative network across Canada, the US, and Asia, Raeland consults for a multitude of lifestyle brands across different spaces,
while also leading the art collective/lifestyle brand I’LL CALL YOU TOMORROW (ICYT) and its consultancy counterpart, TOMORROW WORKS.

Raeland is also part of the team behind Toronto & Manila based brand, JOAQUINA WORLD. 

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IAN CHOW  (he/him)

E-commerce Consultant

The self-admitted balancing counter weight to his business partner’s often frenetic pace, Ian is the more relaxed half of the TOMORROW WORKS duo. 

While also studying textiles, Ian has spent years working within fashion and retail, specializing in e-commerce. He obsesses over product, and all things content. Currently, he also works within content management for the Canadian retailer gravitypope (any views expressed are his own). 

Ever the cultural commentator - he also moonlights as an occasional writer, documenting his interests, and offering his opin critiques on the timeline, most notably in his newsletter.


Photography: Vivian Han-Tat